About the Book

Born with multiple disabilities, Sarah’s life wasn’t anything like the fairytales she loved to watch.  However, she became an inspiration to most people she encountered, despite her struggles.  Author Denise Richardson pens the story of her daughter’s short, yet meaningful, life in A Kinder Way of Dying, an Xlibris release. 

In this book, Richardson recalls Sarah’s difficulties that began at birth.  Born with Down syndrome and a hearing impairment, Sarah was completely non-verbal. She was able to overcome these disabilities until the onset of autism. That began her second battle to regain lost physical and developmental abilities.  When Sarah was diagnosed with a rare and fatal cancer, Richardson became Sarah’s voice and healthcare advocate in order to get Sarah her medical treatment with same speed, respect and dignity afforded to normal children with terminal illnesses.

 A Kinder Way of Dying tells the inspiring story of Sarah’s life and death. It chronicles the lack of understanding and consideration experienced by a chronically ill, special needs child and her family within the healthcare system.  Written to empower parents, caregivers and health care providers for special needs children facing a healthcare crisis, A Kinder Way of Dying remembers and honors Sarah’s courage, determination, struggle to live each remaining day with quality and love. 

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